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Welcome to my site for people
who need
knowledge about sexuality and
where sex is a natural part of being human.

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Every person experiences sexuality differently and needs different information. Most of what is available regarding sexuality and disability on websites is not easily accessed by those whose disabilities impair their ability to read. This site is designed to meet the needs of these people and the people who care about them - personally or professionally

Everyone is welcome to use this site to learn the facts about sex and relationships. Although initially designed for persons with learning disabilities, it has expanded to include people of all ages, abilities, and sexual orientations.

Mission Statement:
To provide education and support about sexuality, including information about anatomy, behavior, civil rights, abuse prevention, gender identity, disability, and relationships in easy to understand, sex positive language with extensive links to other resources.

To be accessible & usable to everyone.

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Sex Support Forum:
It is a message board is where questions can be asked and answered. It is not a site to provide counseling or therapy, but information and support. Persons who need more than information and support will be referred to appropriate professionals.

The Forum respects the person who asks questions by not demeaning them for poor language choices, bad spellings, or a lack of basic knowledge about sexuality. The Forum is moderated. This prevents anyone from attacking anyone and from offering inaccurate, counterproductive, or irrelevant information.

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4Ps: Pleasure, Permission, Protection & Privacy.
You can learn about making your own 4 Ps Plan for safer, responsible, sexual behavior. It's never too late or too early to start! It's easy to remember!

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