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Many of these links are not designed for self advocates, but all of them have great information that self-advocates need.

  • PEOPLE FIRST  Self-Advocates organize to get their rights. This is a list of all the People First organizations around the world with links to them.   People First

  • Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered The main web site for the People First organizations in the USA.   SABE

  • Advocating Change Together They create materials that help groups promote self advocacy in their lives and work. ACT

  • Self-Advocates Leadership Network  Self-advocates and their allies help prepare other self-advocates to have leadership roles. SALN

  • The Advocacy Communication Project  Dedicated to support people with disabilities so they can share advocacy information worldwide by voice through the internet. Communication

  • ADAPT  This organization helps people who live in institutions they don't want to live in - GET OUT!   ADAPT

  • Not Dead Yet!  You have a disability and you have a life. Helps people know life is worth living when you have a disability.  Not Dead Yet

  • Axis Helping people work with people with disabilites - not ON them.  Don't miss reading  " A Credo for Support " AXIS

  • OAKS Group Learn about your rights by watching slide shows on this site. You need a Real Player to listen to the slides being read. OAKS

  • National Center on Self-Determination  Check out the state by state resources. You can find people who are interested in you living your life the way you want to live it. Self

  • TASH  An organization that fights for the inclusion of all people, especially those with severe disabilites in all parts of life.  TASH

  • Quality Mall Tons of resources for people with developmental disabilites. Organized like a shopping mall - and each store is about a different kind of information you might need.  Quality

  • Special Needs Trusts  An article about special needs trusts that you and the people who love you should read. Trusts

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Self-advocacy is a disability movement that empowers people who were raised without learning the skills necessary to live independently as adults. It teaches people how to make good choices about where they live, work, and play. Self-advocacy is dedicated to helping disabled people live independent lives with supports when and as needed.

Do you have questions and don't know where to ask for help?

Sex Support Forum is for you. No question is stupid. I don't care how you spell words or what words you use. All questions will be answered quickly.

Are there words and concepts about sex and relationships you just don't understand or want to know more about?
Go to I am Curious About__?

Do you need a plan to keep yourself safe and have healthy sexual relationships?
Read the 4 Ps.

Mouth Magazine

Important information self-advocates need about being disabled in America and having rights! Most of it is pretty easy to read. My #1 choice!!!

Special rates for people with disabilities. Will be mailed to you in large print or on tape if you need it.  Mouth

The Ragged Edge

A little harder to read than Mouth, but has up-to-date news and information about the disability community. It has all the important news stories from around the country and articles written especially for it.This used to be called the Disability Rag. Ragged Edge



Last Update:July 8, 2006